Metal Complete

Tacke + Lindemann is a supplier of metal and insulation ancillary materials for the industrial insulation contractor.


tl_files/inhalt/metal-service/aufzaehlung_eins.png Metal

Tacke + Lindemann keeps a selection of metals on hand for customers from the fields of industrial insulation, metal construction, facade and industrial metal processing. We store: Closed cladding in panel formats (s,m,l), galv. sheets, aluzinc, aluminium and stainless steel sheets, as well as perforated sheets. Also 150kg rings and large coils up to 2.0 tons.


tl_files/inhalt/metal-service/aufzaehlung_zwei.png Fastener and Fixing Technology

Fasteners from Tacke + Lindemann: Always a safe choice. From closed fasteners to eccentric fasteners through to heavy-duty fasteners – Tacke + Lindemann product range offers 300 different kind of fasteners and custom-made designs in all key materials, including high-alloyed premium steel AISI316. Tacke + Lindemann stores a huge selection of fasteners in stock. We store tapping screws, self drilling screws, blind rivets, blind rivet nuts and a lot of other parts in galvanized steel, aluminium, stainless steel, bi-metal and other material grades.


tl_files/inhalt/metal-service/aufzaehlung_drei.png Insulation supplies

Equipment for your daily work and more – from a one-stop provider. For 30 years, high-quality products for the insulating industry have been an important part of our product range. In closing technology, we are the leading trade partner and manufacturer in Europe. The same applies for fastening technology: Here, you can obtain insulation-specific blind rivets and sheet metal screws DIN 7976 and DIN 7504 in all common materials. We provide: Special metal products such as stainless steel cap tape, wire products such as lacing hooks or grips or technical products such as glass fibre tape and spray glue. In addition, we provide individual manual and electric tools, from one-handed tensioner to AccuBird.


tl_files/inhalt/metal-service/aufzaehlung_vier.png Tools + Machinery

For professionals in industry and trade, Tacke + Lindemann provide a high-quality brand name products from warehouse stock. As work equipment or for companies: Tacke + Lindemann guaranties quality in all application areas. From hammer and frame down to premium electric tools such as drilling machines – our product range with more than 20,000 premium products is guaranteed to provide the most practical solution.